Executive Coaching

Increasing Executive Engagement… Increasing Outcomes

Ideal for Leaders:

Wanting to increase their capacity to drive quality and financial indicators

Needing a road map to a more fulfilling work/life balance

New to a role or an organization

Navigating a complex and changing healthcare system

Why seek coaching?

Most healthcare leaders lack a self-strategy. Challenged with enormous responsibility for organizations and their teams, today’s leaders lack the road map to simultaneously increase their capacity for outcomes while finding means to address their own leadership abilities and engagement.

Executive Coaching

COO Academic Medical System Healthcare Executives often face similar challenges faced in other industries, but there is a difference.

The stakes are higher because patient’s lives and well-being depend on their success.

Diane Scott is a former healthcare leader who understands today’s healthcare culture and the consequences of poor outcomes.

Serving hundreds of senior leaders during the past 25 years, her client list is impressive as shown below, but the work that her clients continue to deliver is remarkable.

  • Chief Executive Officers and Presidents
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • Chief Information Officers and System Chief Information Officers
  • Executive Vice Presidents
  • System SVP Financial Operationis
  • System SVP Revenue Management
  • SVP Marketing and Corporate Communications

The Process

Coaching increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence to amplify the leaders ability to achieve their potential.

As faculty at Loyola University, teaching graduate school healthcare finance, gives her a unique perspective to coaching executives as she understands the polarity of margin and mission essential for an organization’s future success. Diane focuses on leveraging strengths while mitigating derailers that serve as barriers for success.

Diane’s approach to coaching healthcare executives involves a six-month program that includes:


Goal Setting

Guided plan and goal determination with action plan


One-on-One Conversations

Confidential Weekly / biweekly coaching conversations either in person, or by phone/video conference

Alignment Meetings

Alignment meetings with key stakeholders to ascertain goals and review of previous assessments

360 Review

Many leaders choose to complete a 360 Degree review with leaders, peers, and their teams. This review can be done qualitatively through confidential interviews or through on-line validated instruments and tools.


Follow-up meetings with key stakeholders



Diane Scott is certified as multiple assessment to obtain a database for coaching.  Assessments include the Hogan Assessment and Emotional Intelligence, 2.0.

Hear What Other Healthcare Executives Say About Diane

Rarely do you see a coach that understands healthcare finance- it is a great combination that helped during my coaching.

CFO, Suburban Hospital

We spend so much time recruiting the right executive, but not enough effort ensuring their success. The 360-Check in does that in spades.

CEO, Suburban Hospital

Diane Scott’s insights for the 360 Check-In and spot-on.

COO Academic Medical System

In the past two-years since Diane has been coaching me, I have received three promotions- a great testament to the outcomes that coaching has given me.

CEO Community hospital in a large multi-hospital system

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