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With decades of leadership and finance experience within large university and for-profit healthcare organizations, Diane Scott brings to her clients a unique knowledge of what it takes to succeed as an executive leader and physician.

Diane's Work Increases:

Engagement for executives and physicians

Retention for high performing leaders

Capacity for improved quality and financial outcomes

Emotional Intelligence while significantly decreasing disruptive behaviors with valued physicians


Transforming the mindsets of healthcare leaders and physicians, Diane positions clients for accelerated growth, quality deliverables, and solving the right problems.

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Diane Scott is a graduate of Georgetown University Coaching Program and is certified to deliver multiple instruments such as the Hogan Assessment and Emotional Intelligence, EQ-I instruments.

As an experienced healthcare executive coach and consultant in strategic and transformational change, Diane has an extensive background in helping healthcare organizations, teams, and people develop and succeed.  She is particularly interested in how everyone can identify and drive towards achieving their potential for their personal benefit, and that of their organizations.  

Starting her career on the world’s first successful Liver Transplant program, she worked with Dr. Thomas Starzl, recipient of the National Medal of Science, and quickly advanced her career to become the Director of Cardiology, Cardiac and Thoracic- Transplant Surgery and Artificial Device departments at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.  Her expertise increased during her leadership of the University of Pittsburgh Physicians Cardiology Practice and Cardiology Services departments.

Her work as an administrator and physician practice manager at the University of Pittsburgh and with the HCA Corporation, provided her with a foundation to serve as a coach for multiple executive healthcare leaders, physicians, and administrators. In addition to her work with healthcare organizations, she is currently coaching senior executive leaders at Fortune 100 companies including Netflix, Yahoo, Whirlpool, Proctor and Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and the McDonald’s corporation. She also has served as a speaker, trainer, and coach with the United Nations in New York and with the National Leaders of Africa.   

Serving as graduate faculty at Loyola for the past decade, Diane specializes in coursework in human resource management and Healthcare finance. She earned her Bachelor Degree at the University of Pittsburgh and completed her graduate work at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

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