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Certified Coach Diane Scott Knows Healthcare.

As an experienced healthcare administrator and physician practice leader, Diane brings over three decades of healthcare experience to her coaching.


Focusing on outcomes for their organizations, teams, and themselves, clients often come to Diane because of her Healthcare Experience, but return because of the impact her coaching delivers. Her portfolio includes multiple CEO’s, COO’s, CNO’s, CFO’s, SVP’s, and CIO’s. Her 360 Check-In for C-Suite leaders has proven to be one of the most powerful offerings to newly hired leaders.   


Excellent physician leadership translates into growth for organizations. Conversely, disruptive physicians can undermine the potential. Diane Scott has worked with the very best physicians in the world to increase their capacity as leaders, improve ratings, and improve engagement.


While every healthcare organization knows the impact of great nursing leadership, the single most powerful means to increase the capacity of nursing leadership is coaching. Coaching focuses on the specific need of the client, not a wide-spread expensive training that often misses the mark.

This process was incredibly valuable for me as a new executive to the system. I was able to course-correct some early mistakes, and better position myself with key stakeholders for future success. 

—CEO, Multi-Hospital System

Leverage Peer Feedback

The 360 Qualitative Check-In: Invest in your newly hired or promoted leaders and physician leaders.

The 360 Qualitative Check-In is a qualitative feedback process designed for leaders and physicians hired or promoted within the past year of a healthcare organization. Designed to give early feedback from those critical to their success, this process will set the course for optimizing future outcomes.

Meet Diane Scott, RN, MSN, PCC

Certified by the International Coaching Federation, Diane Scott is a graduate of Georgetown University Coaching Program and is certified to deliver multiple instruments such as the Hogan Assessment and Emotional Intelligence, EQ-I instruments.

In addition to her work with healthcare organizations, she has coached senior executive leaders at Fortune 100 companies including Netflix, Yahoo, Whirlpool, Proctor & Gamble, Hewlett Packard, and the McDonald’s corporation. She also has served as a speaker, trainer, and coach with the United Nations in New York and with the national leaders of Africa.   

Serving as graduate faculty at Loyola for the past decade, Diane specializes in coursework in human resource management and Healthcare finance. She earned her Bachelor Degree at the University of Pittsburgh and completed her graduate work at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh.

Three decades of healthcare leadership experience

Leadership positions within University, Academic, and for-profit healthcare systems

Physician Practice Leader

Lead Graduate School Faculty for Healthcare Finance

Graduate Georgetown University Coaching Program

Certified coach with thousands of hours coaching healthcare leaders and physicians

Certified in multiple instruments including Hogan and Emotional Intelligence EQ-I

Why Diane Scott?

What Her Clients Are Saying

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Help for Disruptive Physicians

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Diane Scott understands the complex world of a physicians. My only regret is that I didn’t have her coaching earlier in my career.


In the past two-years since Diane has been coaching me, I have received three promotions- a great testament to the outcomes that coaching has given me.

Investing in me as a Nursing Leader was a vote in confidence in Nursing in this organization. I am forever grateful.

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