Nursing Leadership Coaching

Increase capacity to exceed outcomes of quality, cost, and engagement.

Why Nursing Leaders seek coaching

Coaching enhances strategic thinking, increases self-awareness, boosts ability to leverage strengths, and mitigates roadblocks within leadership skill set.

Nursing Leadership Coaching

Because of her background as a nursing leader, Diane Scott became a Coach. By concentrating on coaching nursing leadership during her tenure as a nursing administrator at a large healthcare organization in Virginia, she drove unprecedented outcomes and designed several processes that are still in use 15 years later.

Individual Nursing Leader Coaching

The role of a Nursing Leader has greatly evolved during the past decade with an increased emphasis on strategic thinking, financial acumen, and quality outcomes. As a result, more nursing executives are looking toward coaching to increase the capacity.

Her nursing leadership coaching clients include the following:

  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Chief Diversity Officer
  • Executive Diversity Officer
  • Executive Director of Nursing
  • System Director, Clinical Excellence
  • Regional Directors
  • System Magnet Coordinators
  • Associate Chief Nursing Officers
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Senior Nursing Directors

The Process

A typical coaching process for nursing leaders involves a six-month program that includes:


Goal Setting

Guided plan and goal determination with action plan


One-on-One Conversations

Confidential Weekly / biweekly coaching conversations either in person, or by phone/video conference

Alignment Meetings

Alignment meetings with key stakeholders to ascertain goals and review of previous assessments

360 Review

Many leaders choose to complete a 360 Degree review with leaders, peers, and their teams. This review can be done qualitatively through confidential interviews or through on-line validated instruments and tools.


Follow-up meetings with key stakeholders



Diane Scott is certified as multiple assessment to obtain a database for coaching.  Assessments include the Hogan Assessment and Emotional Intelligence, 2.0.

Nursing Leadership Team Coaching

This is a unique two-tier process, created by Diane Scott, to move nursing leadership teams forward. Concurrently coaching individuals of a leadership team and then bringing them together as a team for targeting team coaching. Ideal for Nursing Directors/Management teams, Clinical Nurse Specialist Teams.

Tier One: Coaching for Individual Nursing Leaders

Because every nursing leader has different strengths and areas of opportunity, individual coaching session for the leadership teams

Tier Two: Targeted Team Coaching

To run concurrently with individual coaching, bi-monthly targeted team coaching will take insights learned from individual coaching to increase the capacity as a team to deliver top quartile results. Based on assessment, the content for team coaching will be drafted with fluidity in mind: knowing that what may be the agenda at the beginning of the engagement may shift due to immediate needs of the team and organization.

Potential team coaching content focus includes:

Creating Optimal Environments for Patient Experience

Performance and Productivity: Making the “Numbers” Work

Navigating Change Management

Thriving Leadership in a Fluid Healthcare System

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Hear What Other Nursing Leaders Say About Diane

Coaching Nursing Leaders was the best education investment I made as a Chief Nurse Executive.

CNE Multi-Hospital System

Investing in me as a Nursing Leader was a vote in confidence in Nursing in this organization. I am forever grateful.

Nursing Director, Academic Organization

As the Magnet Coordinator, you have to be highly influential without any direct matrix of authority. Coaching gave me my voice.

Magnet Coordinator, Urban Hospital

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